WP Link Management

WP Link Management

WP link management is your complete link management solution. You can use this plugin for adding Sponsor link and Mumble (A sentence in the sidebar). You can set only home page linking option or all pages. This plugin will help you to notify the link owner when his/her link is expiring and incase if the link owner does not renew the link, this plugin will delete that link automatically. You can set the email notification, Link adding and delete date, Widget setup etc.

Mainly I make this plugin for webmasters who sell links on their WordPress Blog(s). Personally I own more than 200 blogs and I know how hard it is to maintain all the blogs link expiring date, owner name email address etc. Especially when the link expired and it’s time to email link owner about renewing his/her link and if the link owner does not renew that link then delete that link from blog(s).

I was searching such a WordPress plugin for a long time but nop there is no plugin like that. So I thought why I don’t make a plugin who help me for this entire task! And yes at last I made it!

It’s an Open Source plugin so you can download it free from below. I hope it will help you to save your time and make your life easier.

Please contact me if you have any question or if you find any bugs in the plugin using the contact form.

Do not forget to donate and keep this plugin up!

Total Downloaded : 265 times
File Size: 148.47 kB
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Plugin Version: 1.4


Old Ver can be download form here:

Total Downloaded : 324 times
File Size: 147.81 kB
File Type: zip
Plugin Version: 1.3


  1. Hi
    Can this be publish in a pages? I don’t see any help or screenshot showing it can publish in a page instead of widget sidebar? if there is any plugin to manage link on publishing in a page only. Thank you so far widget is good. need help publising link in pages home, sub pages. thanks for advise.


  2. Sorry, No option yet for publish in a page.

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